My Favourite Theorem (Spoiler: It’s Bayes)

Thirty years ago, I was invited to interview for a place at Oxford University. I travelled down from my hometown of Liverpool and at the allotted time entered a fusty room at a storied college. Inside, sitting around a horseshoe table, were seven men. As the interview progressed it became clear that, like the seven … Continue reading My Favourite Theorem (Spoiler: It’s Bayes)

Angel Investing: Perspectives of a Stock Market Operator

I have been involved in the stock market on a professional basis for over 20 years, but in recent years my attention has additionally been drawn to private investing. In total I have made around 12 private investments — across various industries, but with a focus on financial technology. My transition from public to private investor is … Continue reading Angel Investing: Perspectives of a Stock Market Operator

Fantasy Football and Investing

The official English Premier League fantasy football game, FPL, is currently played by over 7.2 million people, globally. Among the millions of mini-leagues that players organise themselves into, there is one that stands apart. Like many others it’s a work league of sorts, but unlike those others its members weren’t necessarily football fans before they … Continue reading Fantasy Football and Investing