The Financial Crisis: A Foreshadow of the Corona Crisis

Historical analogies are a way for us to find our footing. ‘History doesn't repeat itself, but it often rhymes,’ they say. So it’s no surprise that the coronavirus crisis draws comparison with a range of historic events. Of all the available analogies, the financial crisis of 2008 seems to offer the best framework. But not for its steer on the economic fallout, rather for the spotlight it shines on our understanding of the virus itself...

The Maths of Bumping into Steve McManaman (and Damian Lewis)

Now, when we go on holiday, I come home surprised when we haven’t bumped into someone we know. Partly that’s because it’s happened a lot – on the streets and in the hotels of Hong Kong, Tokyo, Costa Rica, San Francisco, Cape Town, Lisbon. The weirdest was at a bus stop on a highway in … Continue reading The Maths of Bumping into Steve McManaman (and Damian Lewis)

Getting to the Truth

Malcolm Gladwell was recently in London marketing his latest book, Talking to Strangers. The book is about the nature of truth. It weaves together stories, some well-known, some less so, of people who are misunderstood, often with damaging consequences. Most of the stories are about people who were trusted when they shouldn’t have been. People … Continue reading Getting to the Truth